Employee Relations

Employee relations generally refers to dealings between management and a unionized workforce.

In Kern County, the Human Resources Division of the County Administrative Office is responsible for fostering harmonious and cooperative relations between employee organizations and the County. Duties include:
  • Negotiating and administering labor agreements (MOUs) with recognized employee unions
  • Resolving contract disputes through mediation, arbitration and administrative hearings
  • Administering employee relations codes, ordinances, statutes, and policies
  • Providing advice and counsel to County management regarding labor relations issues

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List of Bargaining Units and Associated Unions

The Employer-Employee Relations Resolution outlines the general rules and regulations for the administration of employer-employee relations between the County and its recognized employee organizations.

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Grievance procedures for represented employees are governed by the applicable MOU.

   ♦   Grievance Procedures  (PDF)
   ♦   Grievance Form  (PDF)
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