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Kern County, California

General Services ♦ Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is a team of men and women that perform a variety of skilled construction and maintenance tasks on buildings, grounds, and equipment. The team consists of carpenters, electricians, air conditioning mechanics and maintenance workers. Facilities Maintenance staff is dedicated to providing prompt, high quality service.

The team’s goal is to maintain their facilities with care and attention. They anticipate needs, provide effective solutions, maintain communication and perform maintenance work in a timely manner. The team repairs, repaints, rebuilds, removes and remodels whatever each department needs in order to better serve the citizens of Kern County.

“The General Services Maintenance team endeavors to provide and maintain a safe and comfortable working environment for our customers.”
-Carl Brewer, Senior CAO Manager


Did you know?

  • Facilities Maintenance receives an average of 318 work orders per month.
  • Facilities Maintenance provides services to over 300 facilities throughout Kern County.

Address: Kern County General Services - Facilities Maintenance
610 E. 18th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93305     Map/Directions
Phone #: (661) 868-1600
Maintenance Requests: Work Order Requests (County Employees Only)
between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm
(661) 868-3101
After Hours Emergencies: (661) 861-3110
Web site: